Korean Ballast Water Treatment Systems received the maximum number of Type Approval from US


South Korea has won the maximum number of US type approval in ballast water treatment systems. To date, 14 ballast water treatment systems have been approved by the US, four of which are systems of Korean companies. In Korea, Techcross Corporation(2018.6.5), Samsung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.(2018.6.15), Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.(2018.10.26) and Panashia Co.(2018.12.14) were sequentially approved by the US

Mandatory installation of ships around the world by 2024

On September 8, 2017, as the International Maritime Organization (IMO) ‘Convention on Ship Ballast Water Management’ came into force, it was imperative to install ballast water treatment systems in stages for all ships by September 7, 2024. The United States has mandated the installation of ballast water treatment systems since 2014, and vessels entering the country are required to install only US type approval systems.

Strengthening the Korean government’s policy support

As a result of this achievement, Korea’s ship equilibrium water treatment facility has gained an advantage in the world market. The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries in Korea also announced that it will provide various policy support to strengthen the competitiveness of shipbuilding marine equipment. What will be Korea ‘s next mainstay hitter for global environmental regulation following ship equilibrium water treatment facilities?

Contents Source : The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries in Korea
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