High Mn Steel for Cryogenic Temperature, International Technical Standard Entry

LNG carrier ship designed for transporting natural gas anchored near Gibraltar rock

New Material for Ship LNG Tank developed by Korean Technology Approval of International Technical Standard by the 100th Meeting IMO Maritime Safety Committee

New material developed by POSCO

High Mn Steel developed by Korea’s representative steel company POSCO is attracting attention in the world market. High Mn Steel is a cryogenic steel with excellent impact toughness at -196℃. In addition, the abrasion resistance is improved by the cured layer formed on the surface as it is used.POSCO has developed commercialization technology to produce such High Mn Steel at a low cost in a large amount and has responded to the demand for new materials in the energy industry.

Expansion of energy production efficiency

POSCO’s high MN steel was first applied to the oil sand slurry pipe of Exxon Mobil, the world’s largest oil company, and entered the global market in earnest. As mentioned above, POSCO high MN steel has three times better abrasion resistance than existing steel pipes, and has become more rigid as wear progresses, and it is evaluated that it can greatly extend the life of slurry pipe.

High Mn Steel for Cryogenic Temperature

In particular, cryogenic high MN steel is resistant to cryogenic temperatures of -196°C. It is suitable for storing and transporting LNG. It has excellent weldability and excellent price competitiveness compared to materials used in conventional tanks. It has already been listed as a standard technology in ASTM Int’l, a standards body for international materials and standards in 2017. At the 100th meeting of the IMO Maritime Safety Committee in 2018, approval of the ‘International Technical Standard for the Application of Cryogenic High MN Steel for LNG Tanks’ has made it possible to commercialize new materials for marine LNG tanks developed with pure Korean technology. The cryogenic high MN steel has already been applied to the world’s largest 50,000 ton LNG propulsion bulkhead. In addition to LNG carriers, the scope of use of LNG carriers, LNG terminals and LNG charging stations is endless.

Who will become the leading company in the LNG businessin the future through the rapid introduction of new materials?

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