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Smart Wind blowing in Shipyard

Korean Smart-Yard

Shipyards are no exception, as technology in the era of the Fourth Revolution spreads rapidly across all industries. The world’s No. 1 shipbuilding powerhouse and Korea’s shipyard are becoming more and more smart. The Korean government has established a strategy to develop the shipbuilding industry that is focused on cost innovation, technology innovation and system innovation. One of its representative businesses is the Smart – K Yard, a Korean – style smart yard.

Smart – K Yard is aimed at completely unattended in member processing, smart block assembly system, and intelligent management system that connects hardware and information. By this way, it is possible to eliminate the wasted elements called cost increase, shorten the production period, and secure high quality to maximize production competitiveness.

Big 3 Shipyard’s Smartization

Meanwhile, Korean large shipbuilders have already introduced smart systems into production. Hyundai Heavy Industries introduced a ‘Rounding forming robot system’ that automatically shapes the shell of complex ships with IoT and automation technology. It takes a lot of time and effort to produce the tin molding. By applying this robot, it can increase the productivity more than three times and save 8.94 million USD annually.

Ⓒ Hyundai Heavy Industries

Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering has developed and deployed a ‘Wire-laying Robot’ that automatically installs wires for ships and offshore plants. In addition, a small welding robot that automatically performs high-strength hull welding of an icebreaking LNG carrier is also being used in the field.


Samsung Heavy Industries has developed an underwater hull cleaning robot that can clean the bottom of a ship that is submerged in water. The underwater hull cleaning robot can remove the organic matter while the ship is at anchor and do not have to re-dock.

Ⓒ Samsung Heavy Industries

Improve production efficiency and enhance competitiveness

In the end, the shipbuilding industry is forced to win a company that has rapidly advanced design technology and production technology. Therefore, introduction of smart yard will contribute to increase production efficiency of labor-intensive shipbuilding industry with high labor cost ratio. In the future shipyard, people will operate and manage the system, and robots will take time-consuming and dangerous work for the people. It is urgent to prepare for this future!

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