The Age of Hydrogen is Open!


Awareness of Global Interest in Environmental Issues

Commenced Efforts to become a Leading Global Hydrogen Economy

Future Hydrogen Economy Market

Hydrogen can be used in all transportation fields such as passenger cars, commercial vehicles, trains, ships, drones, and construction machinery, which can create a new industrial ecosystem. Therefore, countries around the world have already begun a large-scale plan to foster hydrogen economy.

Korea also announced a roadmap to become the world’s leading hydrogen economy leader in January 2019. The company aims to achieve the world’s largest hydrogen market share by 2040 and plans to supply about 940,000 fuel cells for homes and buildings. In addition, the company plans to gradually expand the development items of hydrogen ships, hydrogen trains, and hydrogen construction equipment.

Ⓒ Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy

So, in the Marine Industry?

As the IMO strengthens environmental regulations from 2020, the interest in the shipbuilding and shipping industry for renewable energy is growing, and hydrogen ships are being developed. Some countries are already conducting demonstration projects for hydrogen fuel cell vessels. In 2006, Germany created the world’s first passenger ship to use fuel cells as propulsion energy.

Developed Hydrogen Ship with Marine City, Busan

South Korea plans to commercialize and export the hydrogen road map by 2030 through R&D and demonstration until about 2022. In particular, the Korean maritime industry city, Busan, has established a hydrogen-fueled ship research and development platform to develop hydrogen fuel cell propulsion technology that encompasses mountains, academia, industry and government. One of the new projects to overcome the recession of the shipbuilding industry is to take a hydrogen ship. With the commercialization of hydrogen technology, demand for global hydrogen ships will rise sharply in the future.

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