The Mystery of the Sinking Vessel is released by the Unmanned Submersible


South Korean Vessel sank in the South Atlantic

that Show up in Two Years

A First-Class Tribute to a Sunken, Unmanned Submersible

Stella Daisy, a South Korean national who sank in the waters of the South Atlantic in March 2017, was revealed in about two years. The autonomous underwater vehicle(AUV) found the hull of the Stella Daisy, which sank deep into the deep sea at 3,000 meters, and had been secretly concealing the cause of the accident for a long time. AUV discovered a mission that was part of the hull three days after it was put into a deep sea search in an accident area. It was the robot arm of the remotely operated vehicle(ROV) that pulled out the Voyage Data Recorder(VDR) that was missing near the bridge.

Robot arm of ROV collecting VDR

Ⓒ Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Korea

Unlimited Use of Unmanned Submersible

There are more and more instances in which unmanned submersibles do underwater work such as exploration, harvesting, cutting. It can also be used as a defense against surveillance of enemy submarines. For this reason, the development of unmanned submersible has already been carried out in each country for a long time, and some have been commercialized. In Korea, ROV was developed for the fourth time in the world in 2005. In 2016, the world’s only underwater walking robot capable of exploring up to 6,000m deep sea was developed.

In recent years, development of autonomous navigation unmanned submersible with high performance such as AI is in full swing. The role of artificial intelligence is crucial because it has to continue to determine the subdivision of land, the distinction between military and civilian traps, torpedo detection, and the optimal path. Future use of unmanned vessels and submersibles will become more active.Therefore, along with technological development, it is time to take active action to cope with various problems accompanying ‘unmanned’.

Unmanned submersible under development by Lockheed Martin

ⓒ Lockheed Martin

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