Korea to Start Full-scale Development of Hydrogen Ship Technology


The Korean government’s hydrogen economy activation roadmap
Full-scale development of hydrogen ship technology

To take a lead as a hydrogen economy nation!

In connection with the Korean government’s ‘hydrogen economy activation roadmap’, the development of hydrogen ship technology is expected to take off in earnest.

The roadmap presents the direction analyze the domestic and overseas hydrogen industries as a whole and to take the lead in becoming the world’s leading hydrogen economy. As a result, the Korean Register of Shipping will actively participate with industry-academic expertise in various fields, such as promotion of ships using hydrogen fuel cells, tanks for hydrogen storage, and transportation.

President Moon Jae-in announcing a roadmap for the hydrogen economy, ⓒThe Blue House

Preemptive research on hydrogen ship technology

Since 2010, the Korean Register of Shipping has long been predicted that hydrogen fuel cells and hybrid systems will be the next generation of ships. Thus, in order to utilize the related technology in ships, the institute has secured basic technologies such as design, safety and approval regulations through many research and development projects.

The Korea Register of Shipping will establish reliability and safety standards for each stage of technology development, hoping to lay the foundation for commercialization of hydrogen fuel cell ships. By 2022, we will build and use safety inspection and approval systems for several hundred kW ship fuel cell systems and by 2025, the company plans to establish a foundation for hydrogen transportation and fuel cell systems for MW class vessels.

Amid interest and expectation of growing hydrogen energy around the world, we look forward to the next step of the ‘Hydrogen ship development plan led by the Korean government.

Fuel Cell propulsion vessel, ⓒKorean Register of Shipping

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