Geographical Advantage


    Located in the northeast of the Asian continent, Korea is a peninsula connecting the Eurasian continent and Pacific Rim.
    Due to the geopolitical characteristics of the sea on three sides, Korea has developed maritime logistics and shipbuilding industries, which continue enhancement to this day. Korea is connected to China, Russia, and Europe continents, with the geographical advantage of indefinite sea connection to anywhere in the world. Therefore, Korea is a major transportation hub and the main arterial route of the world container transportation route from Southeast Asia to North America, and a strategic logistics base of the Northeast Asian economic block, comprising China and Japan. With aggressive development of the North Pole route, Korea, at the entrance to the Arctic sea route, will play a major role as a maritime logistics hub.

    World map converted to 180 degrees with Korea at the center

    Busan, Korea – Rotterdam, Netherlands Arctic Route Vs. existing route length comparison

    Based on the ports of Busan-Rotterdam, the Arctic route is about 32% shorter than existing routes.
    Actual flights will be 10 days shorter than existing routes.


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