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Korea Maritime Industry

The maritime industry is a key economic driver that leads the whole industry of Korea.
Excellent technology is Korea’s leading export that is spreading across the world through cooperative relationships between maritime industries, such as shipbuilding, port, and marine transport.

Currently, Korea is the world’s top shipbuilding nation and holds fifth position globally in controlled fleets, while Busan’s port, the hub of the domestic maritime industry, is the world’s sixth largest container port.

Maritime Insight has maritime-affair techniques and ship inspection technology and strives to become reach the top tier of the global maritime industry by establishing a system for fostering world’s top marine engineers and maritime-affair techniques.

Since the 1970s, Korea has been enjoying the top position in the global shipbuilding order.
Korea has a strong competitive-edge in LNG carrier construction, including traditional merchant-ship building. Korea is also accumulating experience and expertise in various fields, such as offshore plant and environmentally-friendly shipbuilding.

Top 10 controlled fleets by country

(Criteria : Jan. 2019/Unit : 1,000 DWT)

Korea’s controlled fleets are ranked fifth as of January 2019, following Greece, China, Japan and Singapore. Korea strives to become a global maritime nation with value-added carrier types, such as Tanker and LNG as well as container carriers which occupy a large portion.

Status of major container ports in Korea

World’s top 10 container port volume

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