Technical Caliber


    Korea has world-leading maritime technology.
    Utilizing domestic shipbuilding equipment and materials crafted with high-quality new technology, various types of vessels produced with Korea’s world-leading construction processes are sailing all over the world.
    Korean sailors who have been internationally recognized for their excellence in safe sailing.
    With this in mind, Korea strives to become a strong maritime power country with cooperative future technology capabilities of shipbuilding, marine transport, and other maritime industries.

    Ballast Water Treatment System

    Korea has the most United States type approvals in the Ballast Water Treatment System sector (as of Jan. 2019). There are a total of 14 systems having obtained United States type approval and four of them are Korean companies.

    High-value Shipbuilding

    Korea dominates the market in terms of order volume in high-end flagship line-types. In 2018, Korea won 94% of LNG global orders and 87% of large tanker VLCC over 200,000 dwt. Overseas ship owners recognize the cutting-edge technology, product reliability and safety of Korean shipbuilding companies.

    Offshore Plant Building

    Korea is distinguished in building offshore plants for its superior technical skills of production manpower, strong track record of winning orders, and ship building, as well as steady technological development. The country has achieved 70% of global offshore plant orders. Korea is concentrating not only on shipbuilding, but on developing core equipment and securing design technology.

    Smart Navigation

    Smart navigation, which is under development by the Korean government, uses the LTE network for maritime digital communication.
    This is a unique approach in the world. The high-performance ship navigation system integrated with IT will be commercialized globally in the near future.


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