South Korea, a Front-Runner of LNG Ships

A Ceremonial Picture for a LNG Carrier, SM JEJU LNG No. 2 ⓒ Korea Gas Corporation

The First LNG Bunkering Vessel in Asia to soon be Built
Showcasing Asian Shipbuilding Powerhouse

Korea leads Green Energy Technology

South Korea keeps pioneering the eco-friendly fuel market, successfully building LNG bunkering vessels, SM JEJU LNG No. 1 and 2, for the first time in Asia. These small LNG carriers have been in operation since September 2019, with Korean LNG Cargo KC-1 installed which represents Korean shipyards’ state-of-the art genuine technology.
Most importantly, SM JEJU LNG No. 2 can be praised as Asia’s first LNG bunkering vessel equipped with a LNG supply facility in it, and this is indeed an invaluable fruition of the great shipbuilding country’s longstanding investments in R&D for the past 20 years.

LNG, IMO 2020’s Most Probable Alternative to HFO

The maritime industry has sought after various options to curb and reduce sulfur oxide in the emissions from ships, and LNG is being assessed as the most effective energy for this purpose. Indeed, LNG produces almost no sulfur oxides, and emits nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide 40–70% and 25% less than heavy fuel oil, respectively. According to DNV GL’s March statistics, there are 150 LNG vessels in operation and 138 ones in new orders to shipbuilders. Furthermore, including 139 ships retrofitted into LNG-fueled ones, about 427 LNG-propelled vessels are expected to sail by 2026.

Korea, the Powerhouse of Green Fuel-based Ship Technology

As the global trend of using LNG as ship fuel increases, the role of LNG bunkering ships will likely expand in the near future. As a shipbuilding powerhouse, Korea draws more attentions as the epicenter of disseminating ‘Green Fuel-based Ship Technology’ to the maritime industry in the globe.

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