WinGD’s most powerful X-DF engine commercially available earns Guinness World Records title.

CMA CGM JACQUES SAADE’s arrival at Busan Port, Korea, 28 September 2020. Source : BNCT(Photo by Maritime Insight)

LNG as a marine fuel provides environmental benefits and a bridge solution to decarbonization

Whereas over 90% of the world’s oceangoing vessels chose to use very low sulfur fuel oil to comply with IMO’s 2020 0.50% global sulfur cap, a growing number of shipowners invested in LNG-fueled ships. LNG-propelled newbuild orders have soared since 2019, with their deliveries stretching to 2027. LNG as a marine fuel is considered the cleanest fossil fuel, eliminating or reducing NOx, SOx, and particulate matter. These characteristics make LNG a bridge solution to stricter global regulation in 2030 and 2050, as well as compliance with current emission regulations. To reach the goals of the IMO, using LNG as a marine fuel can be an immediate solution available during the transition period.

Source : DNV·GL( Engineering the Future Two-stroke Green-ammonia Engine, MAN Energy Solutions, 2019.

WinGD’s most powerful X-DF Dual-Fuel Engine secures ‘Guinness World Record’

In such a business environment, the pressure on WinGD developed to make the most powerful engines applied in very large container vessels available. With the 12X92DF, WinGD has proved that the largest engines can operate in a lean burning cycle.
In tests carried out at engine builder CSSC-MES Diesel Co (CSSC-CMD) and verified by GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS, for the official record title, ‘Most powerful marine IC engine (Otto cycle) commercially available’, the 2,140-tonne engine demonstrated the power of 63,840 kW at a speed of 80 rpm.
According to WinGD, the mega-sized engines fueled from 18,600-m3 tanks, accommodating a roundtrip from Asia to Europe, will propel nine 23,000 TEU containerships operated by French shipping and logistics company, CMA CGM by 2022. CMA CGM is the first shipowner of the world’s biggest LNG-powered containerships in the history of maritime transport.

12X92DF engine particulars
The WinGD 12X92DF now holds the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® for Most powerful marine internal combustion engine (otto cycle) commercially available.

Source : WinGD Korea

The key technology for the development of a lean burning engine running on LNG with environmental benefits

WinGD CEO Klaus Heim said: “The future uptake of LNG as a marine fuel is being driven by large merchant vessels with two-stroke engines, where the savings – and the environmental benefits – are the greatest. We are delighted with this achievement, which was made possible by CMA CGM’s strong vision and close cooperation with engine builder CSSC-CMD and Bureau Veritas. The 12X92DF is not just the biggest dual-fuel engine in our portfolio – it is now officially the most powerful of its type in the world.”
WinGD is also making efforts to tackle the methane slip caused by marine LNG engines with so-called Intelligent Control by Exhaust Recycling (iCER), and its X-DF technology is said to reduce fuel gas consumption by 3%, liquid fuel consumption by 5%, and methane slip by about 50%. WinGD’s iCER technology addresses the methane slip issue by taking exhaust gas out after the turbine and bringing it back to the air intake channel and its engine technology will help shipping reach its target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2050 and eliminating emissions as quickly as possible thereafter.
Winterthur Gas & Diesel, a manufacturer of two-stroke low-speed gas & diesel engines, has undertaken the task to make its marine engine technologies more reliable, environmentally sustainable, and efficient.

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